Sarich Neuroscience Research Institute

The Project

The new QEII Sarich Neuroscience Facility incorporates 8,932 sqm of clinical amenities including rooms for assessments and treatments, along with tissue culture laboratories and facilities for neuro discovery movement analysis, physiology research, experiments and cryogenic archival storage.


The project commenced in January 2015 and completed in October 2017, during the development of the project, the scope of works has increased with the addition of a specific fit out for Curtin University, and TES has resourced the project to ensure the additional works are completed in line with the original works programme.


A new world-class centre for neurological research being built at the Queen Elizabeth II Medical    Centre in Nedlands comprises of over four levels and house Curtin University’s Neuroscience Research Laboratory.

The Sarich Neuroscience development consisted of a forward works package which included the upgrade to local road network lighting prior to works commencing.

The Sarich Neuroscience works involved the modification of the existing high voltage network to incorporate the new development into the existing high voltage ring main. A new high voltage substation has been provided including 2 x high voltage ring main units and 2 x new HV transformers, all works associated with the HV installation was done in strict accordance with the requirements of the QEII facilitators.

The installation works include 4 x floors of offices, laboratories and consulting rooms including a specialized fit out for Curtin University medical research.

The 5th floor consists of a substantial plant room area containing all mechanical plant and equipment.