Perth International Airport Logistics Building & Departure Lounges

The Project

To supply, install and commission all lighting, power, access control, security, CCTV, lighting control, PA and fire systems.


The project is one of the largest construction projects currently in progress in Perth. It commenced in November 2012 and is ongoing. A variety of specialised disciplines have been required on the project and the allocation of labour resources has been critical in meeting the numerous demands placed upon TES by the project managers.


TES was initially contracted to provide services to the new logistics building, but the quality of the work performed led to additional work in the departure lounges/offices of Singapore Airlines, Emirates, Qatar Airlines and Qantas, together with the check-in desks.

Some of the work was in close proximity to aircraft, what is known as working ‘airside’ and required strict adherence to highly specialised Occupational Health & Safety requirements. Additional work, located close to the viewing platforms and lounges used by the public, has been undertaken using the highest quality procedures to ensure the safety of both TES employees and the travelling public is not compromised.