Ocean Keys Shopping Centre

The Project

To supply, install and commission lighting, power, access control, security, CCTV, lighting control, high voltage system, communications, and people-counting system.


The project commenced in January 2013 and has been going for more than three years due to its size and scope, but will be completed in coming months in accordance with the schedule of the project manager. The need to keep the shopping areas clear of all building equipment, including scaffolding, work platforms and all materials has imposed a strict discipline on the work performed on each and every shift.


The Ocean Keys Shopping Centre development consisted of demolition to part of the existing centre and extending the existing shopping centre while maintaining access to the existing centre and shops.

The works involved the modification of the high voltage system to increase the supply from 4 Mva to 8 Mva by adding an additional two high voltage switch rooms. A three storey car park was constructed to accommodate 700 parking bays and the shopping centre extended to include a new food court, 72 new tenancies, malls and a new Target store. The works were carried out while maintaining access to the existing centre and tenancies.

The broad scope of the works, involving everything from core infrastructure through to the installation of high quality lighting in the food court, meant that there were as many as 35 of the TES team on site during some stages of the project.